historic car race philosophy, vintage cars

historic car race philosophy, vintage vehicles, history of car


Giordano Mozzi
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The philosophy

My philosophy is to bring back to the streets, during sports and cultural events, vintage cars that wrote the history of car, keeping them as close as possible to their original status, certainly without altering technical specifications and in compliance with competition rules.

Car racing is about spending pleasant time with Stefania, and with my children too, in beautiful places around Italy, having fun with friends with the same passion.

During these sports events, I firstly compete with myself and against the chronometer, trying to lower my average timing, and then I compete against my rivals. I only look for victory in a fair and clean way, with no  tricks or unsporting behaviour in case of mistakes (a bad, unpleasant, and – unluckily – common habit  in the racing world… think about it people!).

Car racing is about shaking hands, giving my compliments and clapping who did better than me, just in case they did it in a fair way.

And then it’s about going back home on Sunday evening, tired but after another beautiful experience lived in good company and with my beautiful historic car. 

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