giordano mozzi, historic car driver, endurance races, vintage car races, regularity racing

giordano mozzi, historic car driver, endurance races, vintage car races, regularity racing, vintage car races crew, reliability races video, historic motor racing


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Dear friends,
it is a pleasure to see you on my website.

I am honoured to have numerous friends and people that share the same passion asking me about our races and therefore I have decided to share my personal experience on this web site.

I will try to lead you through the wonderful world of historic car competitions, attempt to provide you with an understanding of regulations and classic races. Follow me, above all during race days; together we will experience all the emotions of a vintage car competition through videos, photos and text that I will publish as often as possible, and attempt to portray the image of you being in the car with us.

Together, as a team we will fully respect racing rules, competitors, philosophy of the competition and aim for our usual goal – for victory!

Do not be worried, even if we won the 2011 edition of the 1000Miglia and have initiated this website... Stefania and I are still the same people and we will never change!

See you on the road,

In evidence
Our 2011 MilleMiglia
Incredible emotions and the best moments of our 2011 MilleMiglia's victory.
Regularity sport - video
Discovering a wonderful discipline that allows you to enjoy the legendary special stages of the rally on the world's finest cars that made the history of the rally 70 and 80.
Find out which navigators I had the privilege to have by my side in vintage car races I have competed in.
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